We’re proud of what we do and accomplish here. So are our patients. Take a look at what they had to say about their experiences.


“I put off having implants for years because I didn’t want to be selfish and spend the money. My family, friends and peers are beyond amazed at how much this has changed me for the positive, which has in turn made me a better person. The expense is worth it and my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Everyone says I am happier and I smile a lot. I’ve always been strong and confident, but this was life changing for me as it kickstarted me also taking care of my whole self. I was also worried about recovery. I am still shocked at how quickly I recovered and how easy it was for me to adjust. Dr. Tran’s team and lab did it the right way. Dr. Tran was the only provider I could find who was clearly helping me with my decisions based more on health factors than the cosmetic piece. I knew he’d make sure I was doing the right thing in the long term. His lab created perfection — my teeth are beautiful and I don’t want to change a thing. They are very natural looking; when I let people know they are shocked! I no longer worry about infections in my mouth or long-term health risks. I tell everyone I can about Dr. Tran and his team. They are true professionals changing lives!”

Tiffany – Wife, Mom, Friend, and Executive

Top, front-right tooth

This is a single front tooth implant case. The tooth reseated was the middle right front tooth.


Jane came to our office concerned about her gums moving away from her teeth and exposing the yellow roots of the teeth. She was unhappy with how the longer appearance and discoloration of the teeth made her smile look like that of an older person. She was also experiencing some sensitivity to cold drinks. She asked us to improve the appearance of her smile by recovering the lost gum tissue and restoring her smile. Dr. Tran performed a gum grafting technique called the Pinhole surgical technique to her top teeth. This technique is much less invasive than traditional techniques and is appropriate when multiple teeth need treatment at the same time. The procedure was a success and allowed Jane to confidently smile again! Not only that, she was able to enjoy cold beverages and ice cream once again.


Alan came into our office concerned about the health and stability of his bottom teeth. He had noticed that they appeared to be more and more exposed as the gum tissue around the teeth have moved downward. He did not want to lose these teeth as he was about to finish college and start looking for a job. He feared that this would compromise his ability to land the job of his dreams. Dr. Tran treated two lower teeth with gum grafting with the goal of establishing health and stability. The results were phenomenal with complete restoration of health, function, and esthetics.