The trusted periodontal provider of patients and dentists.

We specialize in protecting the foundation of your teeth: the gums and bone that hold everything in place. We work hard to protect that foundation because without it, teeth become loose and fall out. And if it’s too late to save your teeth, our implants can still save your smile.

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Our Services

Everything we do is about you and your needs. Every treatment is specialized to you, and if we can’t help or don’t accept your insurance, we’ll help you find your best options. We use the most advanced treatments to ensure the fastest, most pain-free procedures possible.

  • Comprehensive Gum Disease Treatment
    When germs and bacteria build up on your teeth, it can result in gum disease. Using the latest technologies, our periodontists can remove the problem and put you on the road to recovery.
  • Gum Recession Correction
    When not caught quickly, bacteria can cause gum recession, which can threaten the roots of your teeth and the esthetics of your smile. Our experts use the scalpel-free, suture-free and graft-free Pinhole Technique to replace lost gum tissue and restore the health of your mouth.
  • Dental Implants
    It’s never too late to save your smile. Using the latest in 3D scanning and digital technology, dental implants can be securely and comfortably placed. If you’re missing or need to replace teeth, you can trust our team of periodontists and staff to help you keep or achieve the smile of your dreams.

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